Week 6 - The Double Trouble Challenge

A quick note before we dive into this week’s recipes (Yes, that's recipes ... plural!)

For those of you wondering what happened to last week’s recipe (and based on the Facebook messages we received, there are a surprising number of you!), a few words of explanation....

As far as excuses go, I have a good one. We were late selecting recipe #5 and for much of last week, I was tucked away in the middle of the Avalon Wilderness Area, beyond the reach of internet and cell signals (at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). No worries we thought. No one is going to cook Ryce Pudding in Scoured Guts.

Then, Lori and Krista started posting pic after crazy pic of their Cook Off misadventures and the queries started. So, to make amends, we’re combining weeks 5 and 6 of this year’s Cook Off to create the Double Trouble Challenge. Two slightly insane recipes (with a prize draw for each) and a bonus prize up for grabs for anyone who is brave/crazy enough to complete both.

Got your attention. Great! Both recipes and prize details will be posted later today. Stay tuned.


Jane SeversComment