Week 1 Loblolly

We're kicking off the Cook Off with something warm and comforting …. just the kind of dish you crave on a brisk July-uary day (if you're reading this from Newfoundland you'll know exactly what we mean!) 

As far as 17th century recipes go, this one is pretty simple. All the ingredients are readily available (in fact, you probably already have them in your cupboard) and the recipe even provides a few measurements. 

To make a loblolly: Take four ounces of rice and cover with water and leave to soake for a full night. Boil the rice with four pints of water on a soft gentle fire till a spoon may stand upright in it and no liquidnesse of the water perceived. Then add a good lump of butter, salt and sugar until the dish is indifferently sweet. 

Easy peasy … right? Give it a try and let us know how your loblolly turns out by posting a comment or sharing a photo on the Colony of Avalon's Facebook page. To check out our successes, failures and/or lessons learned, head to the tips and tricks section of this website.