Week 2 - Knott Biscuits

As promised, this week's recipe is a little more difficult. Like the Loblolly, it includes amounts for some (but not all) of the ingredients. It also includes a couple of curve balls: a new technique ("washing butter") and an ingredient that may be new to some of you - rose water. We'll be posting info on both of these in the "tip and tricks" section over the next couple of days. 

Before you dive in, we offer the following suggestion … unless you are cooking for a small army, or catering a wedding reception, you might want to make a quarter of the total amount. That will reduce the total number of eggs required to one whole egg plus two yolks. 

Ready? Here's this week's recipe:

To make Knotts or Gumballs:

Take 12 yolks of eggs, and 5 whites, a pound of searched sugar, half a pound of butter washed in rose water, three quarters of an ounce of mace finely beaten, a little salt dissolved in rose water, half an ounce of caraway seeds, Mingle all theise together with as much flower as will work it up in paste, and sue make it knots or rings or whatever fashion you please. Bake them as biskit bread, put upon pye plates. 

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